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China's hardware industry mold becomes increasingly obvious drawbacks

Currently, Mould has a strong competitive edge. The biggest advantage of the strengths of both to private enterprises, but also that of traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, can not do without high-tech. With the development of the domestic metal mold industry, the increasingly fierce competition from the provinces, in the metal mold industry disorderly competition situation began to appear, appeared low-cost hardware, product structure and technical content is not high grade disadvantages are also becoming increasingly evident.
Domestic private enterprises generally have advanced mold equipment resources, the more advanced the technology, the new technology can be widely applied in the industry, quickly, from design and manufacturing to the production of relevant materials, heat treatment, the formation of industrial chain integration advantages. However, the current hardware mold enterprises due to insufficient funds and lack of its own brand, hardware mold enterprises will increase investment management and technological innovation, and expand the proportion of high-end products, and the establishment of the domestic sector, to actively expand the domestic market.
To promote the recycling economy pilot industrial metal molds, should be based on reduction, reuse, resource into a principle, with emphasis on resource consumption and waste emissions reduction, actively implement the preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of national resources to carry out waste batteries, waste household appliances, recycling old furniture, wood processing residues, mining waste, sewage sludge and stainless steel processing waste resource utilization. Vigorously develop the circular economy in order to promote cleaner industrial production, it is an important manifestation of a low-carbon economy. Vigorously develop the circular economy in order to promote cleaner industrial production, it is an important manifestation of a low-carbon economy.
Mold industry will mainly rely on the past to increase the number of expansion and extensive development mode, to rely mainly on scientific and technological progress and improve product quality and level of development as the focus of Lean paradigm shift, from the introduction to the digestion and absorption of advanced technology-based development mode to the introduction of digestion and absorption and enhance independent innovation capability development model both transition; from a skills-based industries to technology-based features and modern enterprise management model-based industry characteristics change; vigorously promote innovation-driven development, and actively cultivate new growth points. We should vigorously develop modern manufacturing services, actively and steadily extending the development of mold manufacturing as the core upstream and downstream industry chain, to build support for the mold industry gathering, attention and coordination of rational distribution of mold manufacturing, and gradually form a complementary and coordinated development industry pattern.

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