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China's auto industry has yet to upgrade their technology Mould

In recent years, car Mould product areas, with the introduction of the old models of the new generation and expanding the production scale of domestic and foreign automobile and parts of new models, the demand is increasing. Being around new delivery channels, with advanced technology in the world. Mould makers and ethnic-based manufacturer of metal molds cost-competitive, are strengthening their respective business areas, accelerate the construction of metal mold production system. Manufacturing an ordinary car takes an average of about 1500 metal parts, gradually ascending to China's current vehicle production, foreign investment into China have set up factories to meet red-hot domestic demand and export demand, demand for automotive metal parts inevitably become China Mould Industry upgraded into a good opportunity.
Due to the rapid development of the domestic metal mold and significant technological advances, coupled with low domestic prices of metal molds, which in recent years some domestic joint venture brand cars have been many metal molds imported from the past turn into domestic procurement. Meanwhile, with the international competitiveness of China's domestic auto industry, gradually increase the metal mold, some foreign brand cars have begun to purchase more and more from metal molds in China. Some German and American OEMs have many Chinese Mould plant products into its global procurement chain. This trend has not only become clear, and with local enterprises to optimize production technology, domestic metal mold industry advantage in the international market will be further highlighted. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luo Hui pointed out that domestic suppliers of automotive mold Mould bullish market, but the domestic metal mold industry arising from imbalances is also worth watching. Although China's auto output alarming, but many of them also come from well-known foreign brands of capital investment and large-scale production. At the same time, as a master metal mold industry, the lifeblood of an important part of its development progress has regional imbalances appear. For example, in South China's Guangdong Province city of these cars in the traditional sense, start than Shanghai, Changchun NORTH EAST'd hoped, especially for the highest added value, mainly for the manufacture of automobile panel metal molds, mold development of the market in South China almost empty.
China's auto industry Mould yet to upgrade their technology, but that does not change the global auto industry widely regarded as the preferred Chinese automobile production base pattern. International Client Manager Uddeholm Tool Steel (UddeholmToolAB) of GeertvanderLinden clear that China and the Czech Republic is now the world's most popular car production base, he is very optimistic about China's market prospects.
China's auto market as car mold to develop and showed strong growth, accelerate the localization of automobile Mould is the primary task of the auto parts industry. No mold-made, low-cost, there will be rapid development of domestic brand cars, which has been recognized by everyone, but the low cost does not mean low level. In the low-cost development of many varieties at the same time, the rapid development of domestic brand cars and to improve the quality, certainly not from the improvement of domestic metal mold levels. China-made cars not only to continue to develop in the middle and low market and will be in the high-end market continues to improve its market share, this trend is very clear. This is bound to automotive hardware mold products higher and higher requirements, which is the inevitable trend of automotive stamping dies market. Mould enterprise should be fully aware of this trend, and to rely on technological advances to keep costs low, and continue to improve the quality of mold.

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