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Warmly congratulate our company won the honorary title of provincial patent demonstration enterprise

Recently, from the Provincial Intellectual Property Office came the good news that our company was successfully recognized as "Zhejiang Provincial Patent Demonstration Enterprise", this time only 8 enterprises in Ningbo City were awarded this honor.

    It is reported that the provincial patent demonstration enterprise is the provincial intellectual property office in order to promote enterprise patent work, give full play to the patent system in promoting enterprise technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the role of efforts to improve the enterprise's ability to create, manage, protect and use of intellectual property rights, according to the spirit of the State Intellectual Property Office and other relevant departments of the document and the organization of the identification.

    Since its establishment, our company has been actively promoting enterprise patent work with the help and support of the leadership of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. It encourages and mobilizes the enthusiasm of enterprise workers, serves for the enterprise's technological innovation as well as the whole process of production and operation, and attaches importance to and protects the enterprise's independent intellectual property rights. By the end of December 2015, the company has applied for 25 patents, including 5 invention patents and 20 domestic utility model patents. 2013 was recognized as a municipal patent demonstration enterprise.

    The achievements of the company's patent work in recent years are meanwhile the result of the great importance attached by the company's top management to intellectual property work and the unremitting efforts of the relevant departments. In the future, we will continue to improve the company's core competitiveness, build long-term protection of intellectual property rights, and raise the flag of China's national industry in the fiercely competitive auto parts manufacturing market!

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