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Warmly congratulate our company successfully passed the cleaner production audit evaluation in Zhejiang Province.

For the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of cleaner production, to better promote the enterprise level of energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, efficiency work, to achieve sustainable economic and social development and ecological civilization, Zhejiang Province, Economic and Information Technology Commissioners issued the Zhejiang Economic and Information Resources [2013] No. 161 document, the document refers to the completion of the proportion of cleaner production audits by the enterprises above the scale of more than 35% by 2017; third, combined with the construction of the industrial circular economy Third, combined with the construction of industrial circular economy demonstration park, the implementation of park cleaner production audit pilot demonstration, to promote industrial parks as a whole to carry out cleaner production audits; Fourth, in the context of the gradual promotion of cleaner production audits in agriculture, services, construction and other industries, the company has actively responded to the call of the government, our company has been listed as one of the key energy-using units of cleaner production audit work in Ningbo City. Since the formal launch of the review in 2015, our company attaches great importance to this work, specifically set up a division of cleaner production audit leading group. Through the detailed mapping of on-site equipment, comprehensively sort out the status quo of our production and energy use, and strive to improve, recently, Ningbo Zhejingxin Resources [2016] 281 on the announcement of the 2015 Zhejiang Province cleaner production audit acceptance of the list of qualified enterprises notice), our company successfully passed the Zhejiang Province cleaner production audit assessment.

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